The LMT Story

Lead with Certainty.™

LMT is a mathematic optimization company, allowing business and government to transform otherwise ambiguous data into clear and actionable insight.

Where most people see the events and details of life and work as narratives, LMT views the world through a mathematical lens, observing data points and numbers.

Deep in that data lies the meaning to numbers – trends, patterns and predictions of what may happen in the future. LMT analyzes those numbers to uncover that meaning. For government clients, that means preventing future harm from occurring to people and property. For business leaders, it gives the solutions they need to make informed decisions.

LMT's roots are as much grounded in mathematics as the military. LMT itself is led by a U.S. Naval Academy alumna who studied mathematics and went on to apply those skills honorably as an intelligence officer. For over a decade, LMT's team of analysts have studied the narratives from the frontlines of military operations to help predict and prevent military troops and civilian communities from getting hurt.

Private organizations now increasingly turn to LMT for equivalent predictive analysis – and with good reason. LMT's team of experts includes military veterans, mathematicians and economists. The same math principles used to track stock trends can be applied to the study of homemade explosives.

By employing a spectrum of mathematical tools to analyze, assess, and evaluate the needs of an organization across disciplines, LMT's analysts identify solutions and quantify why.

The result? Organizations are led more effectively. Leaders who reduce risk by taking the guesswork out of their decisions and minimize cost by optimizing value. And decisions made on quantifiable data optimized by mathematics.

Safety in Numbers.™

As much as numbers are rooted in mathematics, predicting the future is grounded in mathematics. Decoding how an enemy will strike or determining the best solution to a corporate challenge lies in the numbers. Adding up how often, where and when events have occurred, as well as the effects, gives LMT's analysts the information they need to predict the future. By providing clients with a clearer picture of what's to come, LMT reduces their risk, empowering them to make better-informed decisions.

Minimizing Costs, Optimizing Value.™

You can reduce cost today by purchasing cheaper items and services, or become truly less expensive - minimizing cost and optimizing value - by taking the guesswork out of choices, knowing exactly what an organization needs for tomorrow based on what occurred yesterday. To do that, business and government leaders need to make data driven solutions. LMT applies meaning to its clients' data, finding patterns, developing models and then and making recommendations on where to spend money, invest training and allocate resources.

Clear, Actionable Insight.™

Business and government organizations are laden with data, from customer insights to results of prior actions. Without analysis that data is, at best, a collection of numbers, or in most cases, anecdotes and narratives. The value in all that data lies in the patterns analysts detect when looking at it through a mathematical lens. LMT's team of analysts offers organizational leaders rare insight into the meaning of their data, offering quantifiable solutions based on future predictions that are made based on events from the past.