LMT's team of analysts find trends in its clients' performance, and provides institutional and tactical solutions on how to enhance training plans to help organizations more effectively reach their goals.

LMT understand that the most effective resource is a trained person. LMT provides solutions to optimize human capital performance through institutional and tactical training. By employing a spectrum of mathematical tools to analyze, assess, and evaluate the training needs of an organization, LMT's analysts are able to identify processes that need to be changed and quantify why.

We understand that different people learn differently, and that different subject matter warrant different types of training approaches and tools. LMT's analysts look at various sets of data before offering solutions, which include the anticipated outcomes of training, skillsets an organization needs, funds required, and the cost benefit of how to conduct training.

Our Training services include:

  • Training Analysis/Design/Development
  • Tools and Integration
  • Institutional/Classroom/Field Training
  • Course Curriculum Development
  • Tactical Training
  • Exercise Support
  • Technical Integration Training
  • Performance Assessment
  • Scenario Development
  • Simulation Systems Support