Expeditionary Support Services (ESS)

LMT uses statistical analysis to not only manage today’s operations, but to also predict what will be needed tomorrow in support of dynamic Overseas Contingency Operations.

When military and civil strife breaks out in remote areas around the world, organizations must be pre-positioned to swiftly analyze the situation and then rapidly deploy its forces to respond. That is true not only for the military, but also for government, private, and humanitarian relief organizations who contribute to steading dynamic and contentious situations in austere regions.

LMT's Expeditionary Support Services offers fast-paced response to contingencies around the world due to its strategic partnerships throughout the U.S. Intelligence, Defense and Security Communities. With LMT's Expeditionary Support Services, government, private, and humanitarian relief organizations can rapidly mobilize intelligence-led and technology-inspired solutions that stabilize and sustain operations in geographically challenging areas around the globe.

LMT operates in diverse environments with a team of partners uniquely attuned to the customs and cultures of the countries where contingency and humanitarian relief operations take place. Additionally, LMT can mobilize a global team of partners with knowledge of the languages, rules, regulations and practices of the various militaries and governments around the world.

Applications include: a broad range of Logistics and Support services; the capability and means to Protect people, essential services, critical assets and infrastructure; the full range of Operations and Maintenance Services; Construction of temporary and permanent facilities and camps; Training personnel, facilities and material; and Sustainment Support for short and long term operational success.

Whether you're looking to stabilize a fast-developing contentious situation in a geographically challenging location, or sustain operations in austere areas around the globe, LMT works and lives in the various environments, managing costs, and ensuring success for your organization.

Our Expeditionary Support Services include:

  • Theater Logistics
  • Security and Advisory Services
  • Life Support and Construction Services